Sunday, June 13, 2010

I parked illegally for you

The day of my date came. I found myself being excited. I didn't know what to wear. I really wear sundresses everyday but Laurie9 I think) told me don't wear a dress unless you usually do because it can be too much. But I do wear them often so I chose a typical one, not sexy really, more everyday and put it with a cardigan to maybe make it "daily". I get to the bar at 6:00. I am a stickler for being on time. I even put it in my profile. I'm very responsible with being on time. I see being late as complete disrespect , making someone wait on me or vis-versa.
I go into the pub, it is packed from Celtics playoffs starting later that night. immediately the sky opens and it starts to pour out, summer showers. Is it a sign?
So I order a beer, and drink it fast. now it is 6:20, where is he so I sent a txt and said were I was in the packed bar so he can find me. So he texts me he is running late. So, I am so upset. I decide 6:42 I will leave or two beers, whichever comes first. After the decision is made i get my beer and hang.
As I am finishing my beer, I am signaling the bartender and I see him come in("Kevin"), Hes really big and soaking wet! I wave and am a little bit like;'oh my goodness, huge and wet', he comes over and i give him a side hug/kiss on cheek and pull out the chair next to me. All the nervousness is gone in five seconds so he orders a beer and we smile. But I'm frustrated about the time. He sees this immediately and tells me I was an hr early so I am like "no no no", I glad my phone and load the okcupid (iphone)ap and he was right! I was an hour early! I am a total ahole. So we get beers and talk for awhile. The convo is easy easy and he is hilarious and has the cutest accent.
Laurie has a rule of a 50 min meeting. The first time meeting a stranger off a dating site is that;"meeting", I wanted to follow this but it was all a mess and he was in the pouring rain for so long and soaking wet and things were finally smooth. "they always seem smooth" she says. But they did. So we continued having beers and the bartender liked me so it was cool he was talking with us too and it was just very laid back and I didn't drink too much which is a general error I make. The Celtics came on and i was trapped. We were there for the game Kevin isn't into sports so I yelled and cheered myself, it was great fun. As the game came to a close, we decided to leave. He was a riot and had an adorable accent and was leaning on my bar stool and our body's went from on point ad unknowing to more comfy. So we left the bar, Celtics lost(boo) and he wanted to walk me to my car(aw). So we walk up to my illegally parked car- NO TICKET! so I give him a hug and a little kiss and said goodnight. Everything was smooth, it was fun. My only concern was the weight. he is super tall, super sweet and love the accent but whats with the weight? When I got home he text messaged me he had a great time and sent me his email. I replied that i did as well and thank you for paying, which was so nice. SUCCESS!?

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