Thursday, October 21, 2010

crazy assed day

So my bf and i are getting closer and closer each day. Although e are long distance I feel us growing together like we are wrapped in a cocoon but since hes far away no one sees this. When I tell people how close and serious we are they don't understand.
I never thought Id meet a guy. Not because I thought I couldn't, I just never thought I would. Only when I got older did even I start dating online. I went out ton but with no success but for awhile I just enjoyed it. I always felt I had to many skeletons in my closet. But things change. I guess as you gt older some skeletons shrink. My life thats a complete fools existence is still the same. Whatever can go wrong will go wrong but it seems less important. I do not think I'm in love, everyone says I am but I think it is not something you are told.
I really just hada few things I wanted to get off my mind today... there we go

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