Thursday, October 7, 2010

I missed the iphone4 free bumper

I finally decided that I do, in fact have a call drop issue on my (glorious) Iphone4. I went to two stores trying to get a bumper and was guided to an ap for the phone to order it. The app is not there so I looked into it. You only had until Sept 22 to get the free bumper and then it is $29!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is now the jump of October and I am s-o-l. I'm pretty pissed about this and do not see why, just because I am late I cannot get a bumper. I have had every iphone since the onset and love them all but this really bums me out. Not sure why this is so stupid.

edit: I called and they're sending me one, but it was not without a frikking loooong phone call and dealing with a mo ron for like 40 min. nothing is ever easy.

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