Friday, October 1, 2010

I bbq with gas

Believe it or not. I met a guy. Yes it was at a concert. yes, it was through a freak show common friend but hes cool. We met in June and have spent much time together. He lives in Southern RI so it is a pain in the ass to go visit constantly but I'm also excited and he is worth it. He has a great job and a huge family, I have met them all and everyone of his friends knows about me. I have changed my Facebook status! but he hasn't. At first I was wondering why he had not changed his. We spoke about it and he said that everyone that is important to him knows about me so there is no point. Then i read this blog ( from a chick who seems normal(@techromanceblog) and it put it all in perspective. Most chicks want a label, they want to take what they have and put it in a tiny box.Most times it becomes that box they want to get out of.
I am not giving romance advice here because I, thus far, am happy. If you read my other posts you will see I have had so many losers it could make a lesbian.

*Boi* and I sat on the beach and met an older couple who were so cool, in love and funky, we spoke to them for quite a while while I grilled on the makes-shift campground bbq. When they left I commented that they were cool and fun, even in an older age. Boi turned to me and smooched my cheek and said; " I hope we are like that."

yup, I melted. How could anyone be so sweet. Did I deserve this, could it be as right as it felt. Now, months later I read these single lady blogs and I want to scream "it'll happen!!!" that old, idiotic saying "when you least expect it!" is true. yes as birthdays pass a slight anxiety creeps but it will, have faith. These women are great writers and creative hearts, who wouldn't sweep that up?

I can't say that I have fallen 100% for Boi but he is moving to Boston and going to do a grad program at BU(ick). I'm not sure when he is moving , I do not ask questions. I do not want to be a pest. I try to be aware of my behavior. When I generally joke ON my friends and visa-versa, I know he is too soft for that, so I don't. Once you grow feelings it is easier to *check yo'self* I think.

I plan to blog more. I hope Im not overly positive here lol.
on aside; I didnt know charcoal had to let the fire die before cooking so the burgers were good but I looked like a pinhead when I cooked andn they kept asking" doesn't the fire have to die down first?"

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