Tuesday, October 12, 2010

learning the machine/Mini Pack

Le I was sick with nerves from yesterday till this morning my knitting lesson on the machine. So, we get there and I brought all the million pieces down and out to the car in a million trips but I didn't have the manuals and the old lady instructor("900") to start on me about it " well.... I told you to bring them".."well.. well..".
With the change of the seasons, I'm getting a cold or something, so I brought my old lady tissues ( the mini pack) in my purse, because my nose is constantly running I think the mini tissue pack worked like kryptonite of some sort on 900! When she saw the old lady pack of tissues she knew to lay off, I was down with the granny knitting club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just needed the skill.900 did reprimand my mum sorta which was so funny I could barely stay on my seat and not laugh and roll around on the floor,she got pissed. 900 was off in the corner so no reaction from her but I felt great. The knitting using this machine is super-duper complicated but, three hours later I can now make a rectangle sorta! TA-DA. I think, as you get more and more into it,it becomes more mathematic. For now I need to stick with and master the damn rectangle and I should be okay to move fwd. We were there for three hours and she charged me way less than she had told me on the phone. This proved that she had come around to loving me, after she saw my true interest in learning this thing. Maybe I'll have mittens made for me next time by my teacher.
hilarious, yet true.

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