Saturday, October 2, 2010

It is all for the troops

I have a huge heart for the guys and guys over in Afghanistan. It is like my *cause*, if you like. So, this being my cause, I decided to Adopt a Soldier. I signed up for a soldier and 24 hrs later i got the address of a woman, not being able to read the #s and everything I was not sure where she was stationed, and we are sworn to not tell since many soldiers are in secret locations. The email said she needed feminine products, toothbrush, toothpaste, magazines, incidentals. I thought this was so sad and set out to the dollar store to pick up this crap. I got a huge priority mail box and I wanted to make it fun. I picture a filthy girl in the heat, jumping walls and hiding behind boulders, Like GI Jane. But still a girl at heart. So I wrapped up everything separately in colored cray paper (?). I thought; let each piece be a surprise. So I sent the package after filling out a bazillion papers.
I waited, after a few weeks i got a letter. I was so excited to hear from my "adoptee", I knew any girl would be so happy to receive a package of girly stuff so I was ecstatic.
I opened the letter and it apparently was from a woman not in the field. She works in an office involved in the war and is deployed but gets a nice check bi-weekly! wtf! Shes a virtual gopher- no fatigues, nothing! I spent all that money on a woman who has soap and shampoo and told me it was "unnecessary although she appreciated THE EFFORT" and she didn't know who put her on the list to be adopted. This chick probably makes more money than me.

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